Is Biking Making A Comeback In The Fitness Industry?

Are you tired of working out in the same boring gym daily? Do you want to add some excitement in your exercise? Does going to the gym and looking for vitamin c serums for hyperpigmentation sound about as fun as going to Village Mall Dentists? Biking is the best way to keep you fit while wandering around the city.


Biking in the UK

BBC published an article about the increased use of bikes in the fitness industry on January 4, 2016. More than two million people prefer to travel by bike to make themselves fit, says UK sports minister.


Biking in the USA

It is not only in the UK, the USA is also showing the same kind of trend. The sale of bicycles increased by 10% between 2015 and 2016. A sale of almost $6.2 billion was witnessed in the USA in 2015. Analysts reveal that this sale will expand significantly between 2016 and 2017.  The encouraging sign is that young people are using bikes more than the older people, says NSGA.


Why is Biking  Reviving in the Fitness Industry?

A survey was conducted by the USA National Sports Goods Association and following reasons were found in the rise of biking:


Low Number of Injuries

According to International Functional Fitness Federation, biking causes a low number of injuries. If we compare it to the other exercises, biking causes less strain and minor injuries. Biking does not cause a chronic injury.

Anyhow, one must use a helmet and knee cover while cycling. If you are biking in Tijuana, then you must know best plastic surgeons in Tijuana because you may need it one day.


Muscle Use

Experts unveil that biking is the best way to use your thigh and leg muscles. Muscle workout keeps you fit and burn out many calories. Biking is not only used to keep a person fit; instead, many people use it to lose the weight.


Increase Stamina

Many athletes need stamina in the sports. Cycling is a paramount source of increasing the stamina. In addition, cycling also increases strength and aerobic fitness.


Intensity Under Your Control

Biking is one of the exercises where you can control the intensity. You can start as per your capacity and stamina. After a few days, you can put a pedal on the accelerator.



Cycling is always interesting. You can go through from coastal strips to the forest treks. To be honest, many people consider cycling an adventurous trip.


Cost Effective

Biking is a cost effective activity. For instance, you can save a lot of money if you use cycling as a mode of transport. One of the benefits is that you’ll be saving dollars. On the other hand, you’ll be keeping yourself fit.

In a nutshell, there is no other opinion except the one that biking is being reintroduced in the fitness industry. From USA to Australia, from Africa to Russia, use of cycles has been enhanced to a large extent. The encouraging fact is that people associate the cycling with the fitness.


One way or the other, people are shifting their gears towards the ancient mode of travelling, bicycles. This is for sure that reincarnation of the bicycles will make the people fit

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