5 Other Ways To Exercise Other Than Bike Riding

Have you ever come to that point in your life where doing just one exercise routine just wasn’t enough anymore and you want to spice things up?

For years, I tried to keep myself healthy by routinely going out and riding my bike for miles and miles. It was awesome and I love biking to bits but there came a point where I realized that wanted to try other forms of exercise other than just riding a bike and pedaling to random places. This left me stumped because I don’t want to exercise the normal way, like going to the gym, doing crunches, et cetera. I want it to be fun and not constricting. Here are some fun alternative exercises that I enjoyed doing that you can do too.


Basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s a great way of releasing sweat and getting your muscles pumping. Aside from building endurance, muscle coordination, balance, and concentration, playing basketball allows you to burn up to 630-750 calories an hour and is a fun and a great way of hanging out with your friends. If you want to involve your whole family, you can buy some of the best selling in-ground basketball hoops in the market and install it in your yard or you can also buy portable basketball goals for kids to allow the young ones to have fun too.


But I can’t dance! That might be your excuse but you don’t need to be a good dancer to exercise while dancing. Be it Zumba, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Swing or just plain crazy dancing, as long as you get your body moving with the music, you’ll soon find your body sweating in minutes! I’m not a good dancer myself, but I always enjoy moving my body to the beat and just having fun! Dancing can help you lose around 400 calories an hour.


Do you love the great outdoors? Me too! Hiking is a great way to exercise without actually exercising. Aside from allowing you to enjoy fantastic sceneries and having a quality time with your friends, walking up and down trails can burn around 400 calories an hour and tone your leg muscles, butt and abs. It can also help improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Martial Arts

Do you want to feel badass and do those cool moves Jackie Chan does in his movies? Then do some martial arts. Be it Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Jui-Jitsu or whatnot, any type of martial art is an awesome exercise alternative. Aside from making you feel badass, martial arts can help you reduce around 300-900 calories in 30 minutes depending on your weight and on how intense you exercise.


Have you ever seen a swimmer’s body? Most of them have well-defined torsos, toned arms and legs and broad shoulders tapering to narrow waists. If you’re coveting a swimmers build then you should try swimming as an alternative to biking. Though professional swimmers make swimming look easy, it is actually not, since it engages both the upper and the lower body. My first try at swimming a continuous lap had me almost fainting – trust me, my whole body was aching! It was all worth it though because after that I can confidently swim through the whole length of the pool every time we had outings.

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