Is Bike Riding A Great Exercise Option For Those With Neuropathy?

Exercise is beneficial to our health. If you have no health issues, exercise is a good habit and if you are suffering from some illnesses, it can help manage such. There are some types of exercise though that do not suit certain illnesses.

For those who have neuropathy, and this is the condition which is most common in the feet, there are exercises that do not work well with it. Peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage caused by diabetes gives a feeling of stiffness, burning pain or numbness. The latter can be very dangerous because if you do not feel pain, your injury may go unnoticed and untreated. Such can result to open sores, ulcers or wounds which can be serious if they get infected. Peripheral neuropathy may damage the arches of the foot and it is called Charcot Foot.  If this is the case, the patient needs to wear proper footwear with an arch support to stabilize the foot.


What Exercise Suits You Well

Aerobic exercises can improve diabetes control as well as endurance, but pick one that is more suitable if you have other health issues. Bike riding is fine with a neuropathy patient, even those with Charcot Foot, or with the condition which is most common in the feet. Take note that doing other exercises again and again on insensitive feet can cause fractures and ulceration but not in the case of stationary biking.


Exercises of low extremity that involve balance and strength can help people who suffer neuropathy. Exercises that are long-term aerobics have proven to avoid the occurrence of neuropathy. Neuropathy patients can take advantage of strength training and muscle contraction which can lessen the tingling sensation, increase muscle tone and up the energy level. Increased muscle tone makes frequent tasks like garbage throwing and making the bed easier.


Aside from bike riding, walking is a good alternative. Other suggestions that will not put so much stress on your feet include indoor or outdoor cycling and stretching yoga. Most people with neuropathy love to do swimming, tai chi, rowing and other activities that are gentle on the feet and safe for those with balance impairment and muscle weakness.

What Exercise To Avoid

People with the neuropathy condition which is most common in the feet should avoid high impact activities that involve jumping that may lose their balance. High-impact aerobics like jogging and jumping rope pressure the feet three times compared to walking or stationary bike riding.


While cardio or aerobic exercises increase the heart rate, tone the muscles and expand the capacity of the lungs, the workouts need not be intense to be effective.


Balance Exercises

Balance exercises like biking are helpful for stability loss caused by numbness and pain in the feet. They can be performed with a stable table or chair. Tai chi and yoga are good exercises that increase balance. Those who are not in good shape because of the condition which is most common in the feet like ulcers or sores, sitting exercise or aquatic activities are best.


If you are a patient suffering some type of illness, never forget to tell your doctor what exercise you like to try and get advice what is best for you before even starting.